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  Service: Mow front and back with quality commercial Walker brand mowers that pick up the grass. Trim around beds, fences, and trees, edge sidewalks and driveways, and blow off all paved surfaces. We do not go into areas that are not grass areas. We DO NOT weed eat in flowerbeds.

  Communication: If you need to call for any reason you can reach us during our 30-week season from 8 am–12 pm, or leave a message. During our off-season we’re in and out a lot so please leave a message and we will get back with you as quick as possible.

  Mow Day and Time: We work Monday thru Friday. Our crews are in certain areas on certain days, so you are assigned a specific mow day. The crew follows the same route every week, so we will arrive about the same time each week. However, as we add customers, it may change and we cannot guarantee a time of day. Our crews sometimes work until 7PM; so if your yard isn’t mowed by 5PM, do not worry.

  Holidays: One of our top priorities is to show up on the designated mow day. So, we must ignore holidays if they fall on a Monday thru Friday. Since we have hundreds of yards on the schedule there is no way we can skip a day and then catch up. If you want us to skip until the next scheduled mow, just give us a call two days before, not the day of because we push the crews off at 7AM and the schedule is printed the day before.

  Mowing Season: About a 30 week season. Week #1 starts mid to late March. The grass usually grows until October or sometime during it. We will mail out a letter in the spring notifying you that you are still a valued customer and tell you when we are planning to resume service based on weather/climate conditions for that spring. If you would like us to start sooner or later in the spring, please contact us immediately. If we do not hear from you, then we will observe your yard and start cutting when we feel the time is right.

  Payment: Conveniently billed to your credit or debit card the day of or the day before your scheduled mow with continued service until you cancel. Although we are very punctual, keep in mind that your bank does not always post the charge on your account the exact day we click it! Additionally, if we get a decline, and try it later, it certainly will not show up on your record correctly. We will be happy to print and send you an accounting review upon your request if you have any concern about the dates appearing on your CC statement.

  Declined Credit Card Procedures: We understand that cards are lost, changed, stolen, and sometimes are declined due to low funds on a particular day. We usually run the cards the day before so if there is a decline, we can attempt to contact you to fix the issue. If we are unable to reach you, we will try the card again the morning of your service and if it still declines, we will cancel your future scheduled dates and call and leave you a message. If you respond quickly with another card, we will promptly put you back on schedule with no late fee or fee for changing cards. If we have to go through the decline scenario more than twice in a season, we will probably ask you to find another provider.

  Damage: If you have landscape lights, commonly known as Malibu lights, in your grass, which have exposed wiring or made of plastic, please advise us up front, so we can decline service because there is almost 100% chance they will be damaged sooner or later.

  Sprinklers:If your underground sprinkler is truly “underground”, the heads installed with an edger space against the driveways and sidewalks, and the risers properly rise and retract, we won’t damage your sprinkler. However, few installations meet that criteria, and most customers assume we are to blame, so if we hit a sprinkler head, let us know, and we will repair or replace it. If there are too many potential problems, we may ask you to have us readjust/reposition the heads. Drain caps, termite caps, sprinkler station caps occasionally are sucked up by a mower and we will replace them.

  Items in the grass: Toys, hoses, pots, tents, bikes, and an assortment of items are often left in the grass assuming we will move them. Large items such as trampolines, swings, etc., we will move if you agree not to blame us for damaging them, because many are weathered and are easy to break. As for small items, we are there to mow, not clean up the yard, and mow. Sure, if they see an item, they will move it to one side, perhaps not where you think it should be moved, but our guys must move very fast so it is possible they will damage a smaller item by not seeing them until it is too late, and for that we do not assume responsibility.

  Wood Fences and Play Sets: There is nearly a 100% chance of damage when placing a line trimmer running 4,000 rpm’s within 1/8” of the wood. We instruct our guys to trim the grass to the dirt around fences and other structures, but accidental damage can and does occur. If the fence is old, another lawn company has already damaged it, not a problem. But if you build a new fence, then accuse us of not “being careful” and damaging the new wood. There is only 1 solution, Tell us to stay away from the fence at least 2” and to prevent the grass from growing up around the construction; we can spray Roundup for an extra fee.

  Complaints: If our work is not satisfactory, or you think we did not show up, we do not give refunds, but will send the crew back to re do without additional charges, whether the same day, or the next day if you will call and leave a short courteous request. However, we must know within 24 hours of service. If you do not notify us in 24 hours, we consider the work satisfactory for that and we will talk to the crew about your complaint for the next trip.

  Rain: We try to finish our routes unless it is pouring rain all day, in which case, we push the balance of the weeks schedule 1 day, utilizing Saturday to catch up for the week.

  Changes: You must make changes at least 24 hours before your mow to become effective. We ask that you notify us at least 48 hours in advance since the schedules are printed and cards are ran the day prior.

  Weeds: Cleaning out your flowerbeds is not a part of the mowing service. We offer call in “Bush and Bed” service described on our list of services. During time of drought when the grass hasn’t grown from the previous week, we instruct the crew to work on cleaning the beds or trimming the bushes for the amount of time they would otherwise spend mowing. You will be charged the normal mowing fee for this service instead of the landscaping fee. If you would rather have us just skip that week, please call us at least 48 hours in advance otherwise you may still be charged for that weeks service.

  Bi-Weekly: Biweekly mowing schedules are available at $10.00 per trip more than weekly even though they are more work and harder to schedule. Please be advised that most yards will not look their best (in-season) with less than weekly service, and our guarantee to re-do not available on bi-weekly accounts. If your grass is healthy and growing fast and tall, our crews are told to mow up to 2” off the top, and try to make it look as good as possible without spending double time for only $10 more. So bottom line, if you are particular about the looks of your grass, you should be going weekly during the fast growing time of the year.

  Insurance: Our trucks are fully insured. We also carry liability insurance in the unlikely event that costly property damage occurs. In the event damage does occur, contact us immediately so we can inspect and perform the repair or assist you in having the repair made.

  Gates and Pets: If you lock your gate, it must have a combination lock for us to service your property. Our crews are very careful about locking and closing gates, but we do not guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard; therefore, you accept our service with this provision. By any means, if we do have a dog on the loose, we will attempt the retrieval or be forced to knock on your door. Just to let you know, chasing pets are the last things the guys want to do that day, so they will try they’re hardest not to let this happen.

  Pools: There is no deduction if you build a pool and decrease the size of your yard. Serving a home with a pool actually creates more edging, and line trimming and less open areas to mow. Also, it takes extra time to minimize the grass into the pool. However, we will not raise your rate.

  Cancellations: There is no obligation on either party to begin or continue service. You like us & we like you, makes for a mutually beneficial relationship. If you sign up as a customer, we consider you a customer from season to season until you cancel. Cancellations must have a 48 hour notice during business hours, no weekend cancellations for the following Monday. If you are roofing, remodeling, building a patio or if there is any road construction or utility crews that have any part of your yard torn up or occupied, then we do not charge less than your regular price per mow. But, if you could call two (2) days before to cancel your service that week, then we could reschedule your mowing for the following week. Once the crews arrive at your property to mow, we still charge you full price whether they mow or not, so please call us at least 48 hours in advance for any cancellations or postponements and DO NOT wait until the crew arrives and tell them to cancel.