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  Brian's Professional Lawn Care, LLC. is a full service Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Company serving both residential and commercial properties. We have been serving since 1995 and with highly skilled technicians, we can convert your yard into an outdoor living area that you and your friends and neighbors will enjoy.

Brian's Professional Lawn Care, LLC. offers a wide selection of Landscape & Maintenance programs. With over 15 years experience in landscape design and installation, including stunning water features, distinct planting arrangements, decorative brick, and retaining walls, we will create that outdoor living room that compliments your lifestyle. We will dedicate our expertise and resources to turn your outdoor dreams into reality.


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“Brian has been doing our lawn maintenance for several years now. He is prompt, courteous & has always done an outstanding job!”

-John Koontz

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“Brian has provided us with an outstanding job. I would recommend his service to anyone.”

-David Harrell

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Making a Difference


Brian's Professional Lawn Care, LLC., is also proud to be involved with the community by contributing to charities and volunteering time and resources or offering discounted services to non profit organizations. Some of the beneficiaries past and present have included Head Start, United Way, Benton County Sunshine School and Helping Hands as well as company initiated efforts to provide free or discounted yard services to the disabled or less fortunate and also a program to recycle and repair computers and donate them to children and single parents who can not afford a new computer. If you would like to assist us in any of these or other efforts, please email us. If you would like to donate to help fund and expand our efforts, then you can do so here: Donate now!



Stimulating the Economy


Brian's Professional Lawn Care, LLC, has been creating lots of new jobs for unemployed Americans throughout the recession. Help us continue to create well paying jobs for the citizens of North West Arkansas by hiring our team of professionals! Brian's Professional Lawn Care, LLC, supports local businesses for supplies, parts, trucks and equipment whenever possible. Your money will stay in North West Arkansas to create more jobs throughout the supply chain.



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